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Discover Chefchaouen and Tangier



Chefchaouene, also known as Chechaouene or Chechaouen, is a mountain town in northern Morocco, located in the Rif mountain range. Founded in 1471 as a holy city by warrior AbuYouma and later moved by Sidi Ali ibn Rashid, it became a refuge for Moors who were expelled from Spain. Chefchaouene was a closed city to non-Muslims until 1920 when it was occupied by the Spanish, and returned to the Moroccan kingdom in 1956. The town boasts 12 mosques and a picturesque appearance, with houses roofed in round tiles, which are common in southern Europe but rare in Morocco. It's famous for its blue-walled buildings, a unique feature among Moroccan towns, and attracts many European tourists. Chefchaouene is connected to Al-Hoceima, Ouazzane, and Tétouan by road and has a population of 38,709 in 2023. Things to see in chefchaoun :
1. Blue Houses.
2. Outa el Hammam Square.
3. Ras El Maa Springs.
4. Berber Culture Museum.
5. Spanish Mosque.


Tangier is a northern Moroccan seaport city located at the western end of the Strait of Gibraltar with a population of 1,314,00 as of 2023 It has a long history, starting as a Phoenician trading post and later becoming a Carthaginian, Roman, and Arab settlement. Throughout the years, it was controlled by various powers including the Vandals, Byzantines, Portuguese, British, and was later integrated into the independent kingdom of Morocco in 1956. Tangier gained special status as a French protectorate in 1912 and became an international city governed by an international commission in 1923. The city's old town features a dominant casbah (citadel) and Great Mosque, and it is a hub for business and trade, known for its thriving tourism, fishing, and te….