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Agadir's origin dates back to the 15th century as a Portuguese trading post. The Saadian dynasty later occupied it, turning it into a significant hub for exporting sugar, spices, and other goods. In the 19th century, it became a French protectorate, leading to expansion of its port for Europe-Morocco trade. Agadir underwent significant growth and modernization, becoming a prominent commercial center. After Morocco's independence in 1956, it continued to thrive, attracting tourism and investment. The 1960 earthquake destroyed the city, but it was rebuilt and today, it's a modern hub for tourism and commerce in Morocco..
Things to see in Agadir :
Agadir Beach.
Souss-Massa National Park.
Amazighe Heritage Museum.
Agadir Marina.
Vallee des Oiseaux.
Agadir Oufella Kasbah.
Agadir Crocodile Park.
Royal Palace of Agadir.
Taghazout surf spots.