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Casablanca is a coastal city in western Morocco with a population of 3,633,684 in 2023 It stands on the site of the former city of Anfa, which was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1468. The Portuguese rebuilt it as Casa Branca (White House) in 1515, but it was abandoned after an earthquake and taken over by a Moroccan sultan in 1757. European traders, including the French, moved in and in 1907, French forces occupied the city after French citizens were killed. During the French protectorate, Casablanca became Morocco's main port and has since undergone continuous growth and development. During would war II , the city surrendered to the Allies in 1942 and hosted the Casablanca Conference in 1943.
Things to see in Casablanca :
1. Casablanca Cathedral.
2. Hassan II Mosque.
3. King's Palace.
4. Morocco Mall.
5. Old Medina of Casablanca.
6. Rick's Cafe.
7. Royal Palace of Casablanca.
8. The Corniche.